Medical Aid and Gap Cover

Changes to medical aid legislation, new product innovation and the vast range of available healthcare cover make choosing or even understanding your medical aid a daunting task.

Why not use our 25 years of experience as medical aid brokers, at no extra cost, to help you choose the most appropriate medical aid?

We believe, more than ever, people need professional advice in order to make an informed decision on their healthcare requirements

We at Alec Levin Insurance and Investment Brokers will assist you in analysing your healthcare needs to ensure you get the best possible benefits to premium value. To this end we are contracted to all major medical schemes, offering a range of products including Hospital plans, Comprehensive plans, Hospital plans with savings or limited day-to-day cover (some schemes charge premiums according to income so people with basic salaries would pay much less) and GAP cover.

Gap Cover

In some instances, private medical practitioners charge more than your medical aid is willing to pay for these services. GAP cover is designed to cover those gaps created when your doctor/specialist charges more for in-hospital services and treatment than the amount refunded by your medical aid.

Why not get peace of mind at a minimal additional cost?

People need professional unbiased advice in order to make informed decisions about their healthcare requirements.

This is exactly what we offer our clients.