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Business Assurance

Business Assurance is vital for anyone who runs their own business.

Medical Aid Funds

Changes to medical aid legislation, new product innovation and the vast range of available healthcare cover.

Gap Cover

In some instances, private medical practitioners charge more than your medical is willing to pay for these services.

Pension Schemes

Decide today, where you would like to be tomorrow.

Corporate Pension Schemes

A corporate pension plan is formal arrangement between the company and its employees.

Defined-Benefit Corporate Pension Plan

The retirement benefit of employees are based on a formula.

Defined-Contribution Corporate Pension Plan

These plans do not guarantee a certain benefit.

Life Insurance Policies

If you have any sort of financial commitment, like a home bond or a vehicle lease, you may require life cover.


There is no doubt that your greatest asset is your ability to work and earn an income.

Dread Disease Insurance

dread disease protects your lifestyle, retirement savings and investment portfolio.


Investing will help you maintain your current lifestyle.

Estate Planning

Are you aware of the impact Capital Gains Tax will have on your estate?

Short Term Insurance

We specialize in: Personal Insurance Commercial Insurance.